Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another reason Israel bugs me

Did you know there's a formal Knesset committee by this name:
Joint Security Committee of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and the U.S. Congress?

Strangely, other than the chairman, there is no list of Knesset committee members. So it only goes to follow that there is no list of U.S. Congressmen. It's probably all 435.

The Knesset chairperson is Yuval Steinitz. This is important because Steinitz popped off 11 December 2006 about chances that the United States will abandon the military option (read preemptive attack here) vis a vis Iran and go for the diplomatic option instead.

And he's had it with the Palestinian Authority too - time to disband it.

He's also the dude who flipped out when Prime Minister Olmert accidentally admitted the open secret that Israel has nucleaer weaons and called for his resignation.

Nice allies.

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