Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What came first: the escalation or the provocation?

I'll admit it up front - that's a trick question.

December 20, 2006
Jane's reports that for the third time since August 2006 Israel has rejected peace talks with Syria.

December 26, 2006
Meanwhile MSNBC is reporting that Israel lied to the United States about new settlements. They are building a new settlement in the West Bank even though they swore they would not.
Pretty sure the United States won't even think about cutting the aid directed to Israel.

December 26, 2006
Meanwhile, over at the Baltimore Chronicle, in their OpEd section: Crime of the Century: Are Bush & Cheney Planning Early Attack on Iran?
The USS Stennis carrier group is steaming west from the Pacific to Persian Gulf.

December 22, 2006
While all this is going on, Flynn Leverett and Hillary Mann wrote an editorial for the New York Times that was redacted by the White House. After the CIA had already concluded that it contained no classified content.
There are many things revealed in this report, not the least of which is the White House's rebuffing of all Iran offers of help.
[Ed. note: Iran borders Afghanistan and did not recognize the Taliban government. Sounds like it would have been fruitful for the U.S. to avail themselves of Iran's offers of help.]

December 25, 2006
The U.S. arrested Iranian diplomats in Baghdad - who were invited by the Iraqi government. In addition to the heavy-handed way used to provoke Tehran, the action was also illegal.

It might be time to start that pool on when the Iran War starts.

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