Sunday, December 17, 2006

A wildcat strike by another name

It will have to break in the foreign media if and when the U.S. troops mutiny in Iraq. TBR reports a nervous Pentagon is increasingly worried about the troops in Green Zone Follies. (TBR collects political articles, mostly from abroad but with some US input (mainly from internet sites.)

The same article is cross-posted at San Francisco Indymedia, with the title slightly changed - Rumors of troop mutinies in Iraq.

This could very well show up on Project Censored next year.

Keep an eye open for reports of this. And if you think mass mutinies can't happen, then read up on the French Army and German Navy mass mutinies in World War I. The French Army's mutiny in April 1918 was their refusal to go "over the top" but rather defend their lines only. The German Navy similarly reacted in the Kiel Mutiny of October 1918. The German High Command concocted a suicidal plan to engage the British Navy, and sailors at Kiel mutinied. The mutiny spread beyond the sailors at Kiel to other ports and finally reaching the German Army. The British Army experienced mutinies in France after WW I as well. And let's not forget the misclassified and underreported mutinies of the U.S. Army in Vietnam.

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