Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The BBC, through its psychic link, knew WTC7 fell 30 minutes before it did

And YouTube and Google Video are furiously taking the down video every time it's getting posted.

But this link is holding at Live Leak.

It's so damning that when the BBC reporter's feed gets fried, right before the building finally falls, it's actually funny.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's get to know our Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, a little better

Back in 1991, Robert M. Gates was in Senate confirmation hearings for Director of CIA. The Chicago Tribune encapsulated one day's hearing with this quote from Gates:
The easiest way to achieve complete strategic victory is to do something that makes no sense, or even is self-destructive.
Other concerns of the Congress were Gates' and William Casey's (Reagan's CIA Director) willingness to slant intelligence to fit their own views.

Sounds familiar.

1991 wasn't the first time Gates had been nominated for the CIA post. In 1987 Reagan had put him forward, but Gates had to withdraw his nomination because the Senate Intelligence Committee did not believe his denials of involvement in Iran-Contra. Later, in 1991, he testified 33 times he did not recall any facts of Iran-Contra.

Interestingly, the Chicago Tribune did NOT endorse Robert Gates for CIA Director.

Currently, Gates is busy saying the U.S. doesn't want to bomb Iran, while blaming them for Iran weapons found in Iraq.
First, Gates would know about Iranian weapons (see Iran-Contra).
Second, the Iranian weapon connection was quickly debunked.
Third, Gates' isn't worried about Saudi Arabia's funding of Sunni militias?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No sustained thoughts tonight

Republican party planks:

Science: Humans hunted dinosaurs to extinction. And further down the genome in Kansas, they say Americans hunted dinosaurs to extinction.*

Human sexuality: Gays are bad and should be shipped off to modern day equivalent of Lepers Island. Unless they are self-hating fags who donate loads of money to the GOP. Or they're the Vice President's daughter.* The self-loathing ones can quietly hide in the closet. The Vice-President's daughter can do whatever she damn well pleases.

Fiscal responsibility: does not apply to defense spending. Or corporate welfare. Or rich people.

On life: Adamantly pro, as long as abortion is the topic. Otherwise, don't hold back the cannon fodder. Cf. death penalty, access to health care, waging illegal war, collateral damage, gutting clean environmental laws, greenlighting torture, rendition, black prisons, erode working class/middle class. [Ed. note: Taking a break to fix a stiff B&B.]

Government involvement: None in business - save it all for citizens' bedrooms. 2008 plank: death penalty for adultery.

Military planning: done by guys who sucked at Risk.

Leisure: Alcohol and cigarettes - OK. Illegal drugs - bad unless you have a prescription (helloooo Merck, Pfizer, and Lilly!). Gambling - kind of okay unless it's online, then it's off limits.

Slogans: War on Terror. Means nothing and got away with it for 5+ years.

What the GOP wrote in Saudi Arabia's yearbook: BFF, W (Cheney made him write it.)

*See fundamentalist Muslim positions on these same issues. Do gay Muslims get welcomed by 72 kohl-eyed boys?