Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unsolicited crap from the woefully uninformed

Selecting the right group of people to send propagandist messages even devolves down to family members choosing who to send emails. I found myself the startled recipient of this load of fucking garbage from an aunt.

There are times when I am compelled to write back, and today I returned the broadside to this poor-ignorant-praise-Jesus-aunt.

[Extracted from the email]

Don't overlook the abuses committed by our troops and mercenaries hired by our government (see Halliburton, Blackwater). You want a good idea of what they're doing? Check out this video that was taken by our soldiers.

American soldiers threaten and taunt injured Iraqi dog

You can shrug that one off because it's just a dog? Then how about this one:
Iraqi Kid Runs For Water

Here's another heart-warmer:
Fuck Iraq

Remember, these are submitted by AMERICAN SOLDIERS.


I'm looking forward to her rebuttal.

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