Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A half-baked summation of today's news. And some of yesterday's.

First, some reflection. Neocon reporters interview each other and reach consensus. Back in February '03 Katherine Jean-Lopez, Bill Kristol, and Lawrence Kaplan concluded the only group Bush Co. failed to convince on Iraq was the liberal crowd. Liberals prefer tyranny.

This commenter is someone I want to know better:
I have a check signed and ready to post to the first person who tells Bill Kristol to fuck off or shut the fuck up on live television. I'll double it if it's accompanied by a left hook to his cakehole.
The Irish Times, among others, carried Pope Benedict XVI's statement that Reformed/Protestant churches are not churches in the true sense but rather ecclesial communities. And when he said "ecclesial communities," he used air quotes. Ian Paisley, right on cue, threw down the orange gauntlet. Let Marching Season begin!

Moody's and S&P secretly, while no one is looking, are feverishly getting caught up on their ratings. Unfortunately, they're a little behind on the downgrades. When Moody realized just how far behind they were (editor's note: they just got around to Enron), they put this little reminder out:
Moody's has no obligation to perform, and does not perform, due diligence.
S&P spent most of the day at a bar with Moody's, arguing who should put their downgrades out first. Moody's finally agreed to do it, picked up the phone and called AP with the news. S&P then called UPI. Then S&P found out that Moody's only pretended to call AP. Damn them!

And we'll wrap tonight's show with crazy-ass Rick Santorum*. Santorum, channeling (harnessing?) his inner voices, intimated on the Hugh Hewitt radio show (editor's note: that is a real show) that there are going to be terrorist attacks, a lot of them, they're going to happen before the 2008 elections, and as a result Americans will wake up and vote Republican. To sum up, Americans will vote Republican during a Republican administration because they got attacked while the country was on the Republicans' watch. As summed up here: Rick Santorum would very much like it if you'd just blow up and not vote Democrat.

*Link provides medical definition of Santorum.

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