Friday, July 27, 2007

Not Enemy Fire, Not Friendly Fire - let's try Fragging

Now it's come out that Pat Tillman was executed. Three close-set bullet holes in your forehead led to that conclusion.

The spin is it that he was fragged. But comments on the story are already poking big holes in this.

A) The AP article says Tillman was telling a fellow Ranger to "stop sniveling" right before he died.
Commenter: Nor is it likely he was "fragged" because he was a bit too gung ho. All Rangers are gung ho.

B) With the change in the storyline from friendly fire to fragging, but restoring the enemy fire detail:
Commenter: if they were under fire, how was there no evidence of that enemy fire?

C) With fragging questionable, and enemy fire and friendly fire eliminated, a commenter posits:
The suggestion that his platoon or company had something to do with the opium trade is beginning to look a lot less fantastical.

By george, I think he's got it! I don't know if Tillman had any thoughts about the illegality of Afghanistan or Iraq wars. Safeguarding opium shipments, on the other hand, could cause some re-thinking.

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