Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Student tasered for asking Kerry embarrassing questions

A UF student asks Kerry three questions:
Why did you concede in 2004 when you knew the election was stolen?
Why aren't you voting for the impeachment of Bush?
Are you, or were you, a member of the secret society Skull & Bones?

It was that last one that had cops jump all over him and pull him to the back of the auditorium. They force him to the ground, and when he won't stop asking what he did wrong, they taser him. The link to video here. And the continuing harassment can be found here.

Inside Edition covered the story.

The Associated Press, true to form, ridicule and marginalize the student, Andrew Meyer. They also cite a police officer (unnamed, of course) who claimed Meyer's demeanor changed completely when he was out of sight of the cameras. Nice journalistic integrity there, AP.

Salon presciently asks why are cops so stupid? They keep doing illegal things in front of people with cameras.

The BBC covers the story too. They refrain from pointing out that the cops illegally detained and assaulted the student.

The Village Voice does a good job running down the storyline.

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