Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There are crank sensors, and then there are crank sensors

Crank Sensor It is an engine component that measures the rotational speed of the crankshaft. If it doesn't work, then the engine doesn't work.

Last Thursday, my brother and I were coming back from Michigan. We were on I-90, and paid the Indiana toll (at Lake Station) and shifted into fifth when the car began losing speed. The speedometer needle went beserk. My brother, the driver, said "maybe I better pull over and take a look." So we pretended we were in control and pulled over.

He popped the hood and peered in, stepped back and said, "You know it's the transmission, right?" Nuts. Of course we knew it was the transmission. And we're stuck in Indiana. For chrissakes.

Roadside assistance was called, who estimated a tow truck would be there in 45 minutes. The tow truck was there in 30 minutes. Our luck was changing already.

The tow driver confirmed it was the transmission, hooked up the car, and drove us hell-bent for leather to Chicago (doing 80-85 mph). The plan was to drop off the car at the shop on Stony Island where it has a history, and as luck would have it, they were still open.

The keys were handed over, and we strolled the 1.5 miles home. The next day (Friday, October 26) the shop informed me it was the transmission AND clutch.

Monday (October 29) they called and asked if I had an alarm system. No, I did not. Why do you ask? Because we put the new tranny & clutch in, and now the car won't start. My heart leaps to my throat.

Tuesday (October 30) they call to say the crank sensor took a powder, and that's why the car won't start. They're putting a new one in now, but it's labor intensive. No car today.

Wednesday (October 31) they call to say the car is ready to go. I steel myself and ask, how much? And they repeat the original quote. But what about the crank sensor? They said, that was our fault for not catching it, so we're sticking with the original quote. Whoopee!

Tonight I pay the ransom and liberate the car.

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Jul said...

Gripping! Kept me on the edge of my seat - and loved the ending, love your mechanic.