Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sibel Edmonds going global

The London papers, reporting on what Sibel Edmonds has known since 2001, implicated the Clinton and Bush II administrations (and probably Bush I) in selling nuclear technology to everybody. One of the details is using Turkey officials/lobbyists as a conduit.

The US mainline press is still not covering the story, although smaller outlets are. What has the Bush Administration done since the stories broke? They announced in a message to Congress that the Agreement of Nuclear Cooperation signed 26 July 2000 by President Clinton is good to go. President Clinton had not submitted to Congress because US agencies found evidence implicating Turkish entities in activities related to nuclear proliferation. But George feels good about the Turks now.

Why? Because the Secretary of State (Rice), Secretary of Energy (Bodman), and members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission feel good about the Turks and we can go ahead with the agreement.

And tie in the Valerie Plame/Brewster Jennings outing - Sibel Edmonds reports that Scooter Libby wasn't the first to spill the beans on her covert activity. Could it be that Brewster Jennings was going to hit on a particularly sensitive spot in the US-Turkish Arms Trail?

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