Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who's CHAOS and who's CONTROL?

Gentle reader:
It dawns on me again that one should follow up on the initial reaction to things. Take, for example, the Free Tibet Revolt.

When the coverage of China's brutality in Tibet began, my first thought was:
"this seemed to blow up out of nowhere."
The second thought was:
"what great publicity they're getting, and which rock star is going to emulate George Harrison for this cause?"
The third thought was:
"what in the wide world of sports could the Chinese be thinking of?"
And then I moved on to other news.

But I trip across an article on Global Research which details the CIA's long involvement with Free Tibet and the Dalai Lama. With chatter from the Europeans about boycotting the Beijing Olympics, universal condemnation (including us - ha! - about human rights!), China's business partners and allies (in S. America, Africa) will need to tread carefully.

Hugo Chavez is probably berating Wen Jiabao right now for getting suckered.

Now, what do you think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

McCain, Still Crazy After All These Years (sorry, Paul Simon)

First, an admission: I'm not really following the menage-a-trois of Clinton/Obama/McCain. Mostly because it's boring and I've decided that it's in the bag already for the Dem - whoever it is.

But McCain's curious repeating loop that Iran is aiding and abetting Al Qaeda makes me think he really is in senile dementia territory.
WSJ - McCain Camp Again Links Al Qaeda to Iran
For the second day in a row, Sen. John McCain’s campaign linked al Qaeda in Iraq to Iran — an assertion Democrats say is misleading if not outright inaccurate. The McCain campaign, which acknowledged that the senator misspoke on Tuesday, insisted that its statement today is fully supported by facts."
Interesting, even though he made the same assertion that was wrong Tuesday but right today. And how's this for humiliation - LIEBERMAN had to correct him on Tuesday.

Baltimore Sun details the Lieberman Assist, with a fabulous photo.

Chicago Tribune covers Obama making political hay out of Obama and Clinton. If that's not presidential timbre, I don't know what is.

And speaking of Hillary Rodman Clinton, some of her private papers from her White House years, got released today. Do they back up claims that she's ready for that 3am call?
Chicago Tribune:
"She didn't put a lot in writing," said Anthony (Sferrazza Anthony, an author who's interviewed HRC), who is based in Los Angeles and who has written extensively about first ladies. "She explicitly told me she didn't put a lot in writing because everything in writing, including a personal diary, could be subpoenaed."
Just a gal after Cheney's own heart.

Some of the things the papers reveal:
Hot Air: Hillary actively stumped for NAFTA. Strangely, she claims NOW that she was never pro-NAFTA.

Doing searches for HRC's White House papers reveals a lot of hat tips to ABC News, who has the delightfully snarky headline Hillary, Diplomat or Tourist?

She was at the White House sometimes, like on December 7, 2000 when her brothers and others showed up pushing for last minute pardons (see Marc Rich, convicted drug dealer).

The Press has decided that Obama's the heir presumptive, like Archduke Franz Ferdinand. I wonder if Hillary's kept up her Odbrana Narodna membership.