Saturday, June 28, 2008

Martin Gee, you just jinxed yourself

From Editor & Publisher
Published: June 27, 2008 11:05 AM ET

NEW YORK You could file it under "Ultimate Irony," or just "More of the Same."

But the announcement this week that the San Jose Mercury News would layoff nine employees today took on an extra feeling when word came down that one of those ousted would be Martin Gee.

Gee, a veteran designer and illustrator, drew industry-wide attention this spring when he created a poignant photo display of images from the Mercury News that represented the emptiness of the paper following recent cutbacks.

He also said in that piece: "I am probably on the top of the list for the next round of layoffs." Gee could not be reached for comment Friday, but several sources confirmed his layoff, which also was reported on a number of Web sites.

A report on Gee's layoff at also said that Gee's father had died earlier this month after a battle with cancer and, to top it off, Saturday is his birthday.

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