Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The (S)Bux stop here

Starbucks announced 600 store closings. That's up from 100 they announced earlier.

Just because it happened a hundred years ago, doesn't mean it will happen again. Cubs can win at Wrigley, but get their hats handed to them at Comiskey. And Kerry Wood gets busted on FOX flipping off (no doubt) Sox fans. Lou Piniella rounds things out by getting ejected in the Sunday game, in the 2nd inning.

How are those repressive gun laws working out? Violent crime in Chicago is up 4.3%, homicide up 12.7%, January to May 2008 versus the same period in 2007. Next step, martial law?

Do you know who's supplying your crude oil needs? Before you going off on rant about those damn Middle Easterners jacking up our gasoline prices, refresh your memory on where our imported oil comes from:
1) Canada
2) Saudi Arabia
3) Mexico
4) Nigeria
5) Venezuela
That's right - it's those damn CANUCKS.

Alcoholics are going to be outraged about this. California may have an initiative this fall about legalizing marijuana - for everyone. Sold in the same places they sell booze.
Why, that's just outageous! Booze should be the only legal drug! (Ed. note: Can't do anything about cigarettes, but we're still trying.)

Barclays joins RBS in dropping the boom. Barclays states the obvious - there's a financial tsunami heading our way. And, oh yeah, the Fed has "zero credibility."

Nominated for Stupidest Man In The World: Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America. He saw his own domino theory playing out (one state after another filing lawsuits and charges against Countrywide) and did something about it - went ahead with the acquisition of Countrywide. And boy, is Angelo Mozilo relieved.

There's more, so much more, such as UBS' mounting legal troubles with the IRS, but we'll save that for the next post.

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