Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG contracts (aka bonuses) untouchable. Labor contracts - break 'em!

So I tossed onto a social networking site a link on the City of Vallejo getting a court to break their union contracts. And noted that it's pretty damn easy to break labor contracts, but not so much for retention bonuses at AIG.

And this asswipe wrote this:
Brian Potter at 12:51pm March 18These bonuses were in the stimulus bill.........OBAMA has known about this for a LONG TIME........BUT in case he did not.......he should have READ THE STIMULUS was in there!!!!!!! Dont let the smoke screen fog what they are doing.......

Brian Potter is very fond of the upper case and ellipses. This causes me to doubt his powers of rational thought. And yes, his sexuality.

Somebody is pretty unclear on what "they" are doing, and it's not me.

Time to renew my IWW membership.

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