Monday, March 16, 2009

Red-light cameras to the rescue

The Sun-Times reports today that the Chicago City Council heard a proposal to expand the reach of the red light cameras to search for uninsured motorists and issue tickets (carries a $500 fine).

And all under the guise of "wiping out the city's projected deficit for 2009."

Which means of course those red-light cameras are on all the time (and not "tripped" when a motorist crashes a red-light) and scanning license plates.

Some interesting tidbits from the article:
That’s already happening daily in 13 states, but not here.
Ed. note: Great.
Illinois’ mandatory insurance law carries a $500 fine. If Chicago levied a $300 fine and used its home-rule power to keep the money, the annual take would top $100 million. A $500 city fine would generate $357 million.
Ed. note: Can you see the looming battle between Chicago and Springfield, with taxpayers/drivers in the role of MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE? Our money will be taken, we just don't know which grasping whore will keep it.

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