Saturday, June 27, 2009

Narodna Odbrana's Holstein Cows division

Hat tip to Guerrilla News Network:
Lesbian Animal Killer Trampled to Death by Holstein Cows

The man, who declined to give his name, said: “At first we thought nothing of it, but then we realised that something was not right.

“I looked outside and saw a herd of cows crowded round one area of the field.

“I knew something was wrong so I went outside, picked up a wooden post, which was nearby, and went to the cows and shooed them away.

“Then I saw a woman on the ground, with her head bent at an unnatural angle.”

Apparently the cows were like ninjas: They hemmed her in against a wall, squeezed the life out of her with their arses, and when she went down – tried to kick her fucking head off.

In Britain vets are right sick bastards. It’s nice to see some justice for once. I hope the cows shat on her face.

So, I had to check it out - was there a British vet killed by (Holstein) cows? And the answer is yes, yes there was, Mr. and Mrs. America.

If you see a herd of them coming down your street, you'll grab your bag a little tighter and cross the street, won't you? Admit it - you'll never take cows for granted again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Once you have the scorecard

The emerging stories on the Iranian election never smelled right - especially since it is a good idea to be skeptical of any concerted storyline being promulgated by American media.

But without knowing the Iranian backstory I was floundering. You really can't tell the players without a scorecard. Paul Craig Roberts managed to put everything together, succinctly and coherently.

To sum up: it was reported two years ago by several media outlets that the Bush Administration gave the CIA the green light to foment revolution in Iran.

Moussavi, the preferred candidate by Washington, announced HE was the winner before the polls closed. That makes Mahmoud Admadi Nejad a laggard, waiting hours after the polls closed to announce he won.

Paul Craig Roberts cites a Kenneth Timmerman, neocon, who spoke of a "green revolution" the day before the election.

Does that name ring a bell? Maybe you are thinking of Tim Timmerman - an alleged eyewitness to flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon who insisted it was the American Airlines plane.

Very probably just a coincidence, but strange.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Italian police make a long distance phone call

The Italian police have asked the SEC to authenticate the $134 billion Treasury bonds found in a suitcase false bottom.

The SEC? The SEC?

Why - the Treasury Department was out to lunch?

This story is getting curiouser and curiouser.

And as the article points out - those two Filipino/Japanese/Other travelers were heading to a Swiss free port - legal limbo.

Calling Leo Wanta! Your tranche is here!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh dear, this IS awkward

The Canadian Mint called in the RCMP. Seems they have misplaced some gold. Someone in a position to know how dirty Roland Burris is dies in a car accident. And then there's this:

Upstart Congress subpoenaed the Federal Reserve Bank.
The committee said it would "have a subpoena served on the Federal Reserve" as it tries to discover whether undue pressure was placed on Ken Lewis, chief executive of Bank of America, to complete an agreed deal to buy Merrill Lynch last year.

"We have received it," said the Fed. Cue the ominous silence.

One person familiar with the Fed's history could remember only one previous occasion in the past 20 years when it had been served with a subpoena. And then, suddenly, he couldn't remember it anymore.
Royal Canadian Mint misplaces gold. Or maybe not. Another atrocious example of spokespeople who suck at their jobs. Mint spokeswoman Christine Aquino said last week it could be anything from a heist to sloppy record-keeping.
And if that's how they take care of their gold, god save Canada. (Because the Queen can take care of her own gold.)

A troublemaker for (ahem) Senator Roland Burris dies in tragic - and convenient - car accident. The Sun-Times reports
"Ruff insisted that the only way to determine whether Burris lied about the circumstances of his appointment when appearing before an Illinois House impeachment panel was for prosecutors in Sangamon County and investigators overseeing a U.S. Senate ethics probe to zero in on [Burris’ business partner Fred] Lebed.

"There is more to be discovered," Ruff told the Sun-Times. "I know the key to finding the information out is through Fred. That's the main point I wish to get across.”

Very awkward.

Monday, June 08, 2009

6/08/2009 Sun-Times Monday wrap-up

There we were, talking about the burgeoning civil war in Mexico and I read today about a shootout in Acapulco over the weekend.

China puts New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in quarantine. Ostensibly because someone on his flight exhibited flu symptoms. This could be a handy way to deal with troublesome officials from other countries.

And the headline story: Illinois' 529 college fund lost 38% due to a rogue trader at Oppenheimer. He decimated the most conservative fund, a govt bond fund, to the tune of 38%. Lisa Madigan and Alex Giannoulias have been negotiating with Oppenheimer in secret and have a handshake deal to get $77 million of $85 million lost (90.5%).
And now they're all mad because a family filed an arbitration claim against Oppenheimer for lost monies, PLUS damages and legal fees.

To that last story, I'm with the family.

I swear I can hear Louis Jordan's "Let The Good Times Roll" wafting gently through the air.

Friday, June 05, 2009

States reluctantly start hacking at budgets

Well, not all states. California is still fulminating but I suspect behind closed doors ugly cuts are being discussed. Here in Illinois, the General Assembly gleefully disbanded and ran home. So, let's see what's going on elsewhere in the country.

Minnesota will begin unallotments on July 1, the beginning of their fiscal year. The state has a unique setup that mandates the governor to make cutbacks when the state's chief financial officer formally reports the state can't meet its budget. Their budget shortfall is so great that they have to make significant cutbacks.

Alabama home to bankrupt Jefferson County, is also making cuts. The poor, the elderly, and sick will bear the brunt of most of the cuts.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron Paul's HR 1207 and Sen. Bernie Sanders S.604 - the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009 are sitting on Capitol Hill. The House and Senate versions are identical.
The House bill has 175 co-sponsors. Not one in the Senate.
The bill calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve system.

Ron Paul has acknowledged that he and his staff have received death threats.

The Fed has hired a lobbyist firm to gin up opposition to the House and Senate bills.

Not a single black Congressman from Illinois is supporting this legislation.

You can make a strong argument that blacks suffer disproportionately from Fed policies - certainly no less than other middle-, working-, and poor classes. And yet, nowhere to be found.

Oh, and the Sox are losing to Cleveland 4-0 at the time of this writing.