Monday, June 08, 2009

6/08/2009 Sun-Times Monday wrap-up

There we were, talking about the burgeoning civil war in Mexico and I read today about a shootout in Acapulco over the weekend.

China puts New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in quarantine. Ostensibly because someone on his flight exhibited flu symptoms. This could be a handy way to deal with troublesome officials from other countries.

And the headline story: Illinois' 529 college fund lost 38% due to a rogue trader at Oppenheimer. He decimated the most conservative fund, a govt bond fund, to the tune of 38%. Lisa Madigan and Alex Giannoulias have been negotiating with Oppenheimer in secret and have a handshake deal to get $77 million of $85 million lost (90.5%).
And now they're all mad because a family filed an arbitration claim against Oppenheimer for lost monies, PLUS damages and legal fees.

To that last story, I'm with the family.

I swear I can hear Louis Jordan's "Let The Good Times Roll" wafting gently through the air.

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