Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh dear, this IS awkward

The Canadian Mint called in the RCMP. Seems they have misplaced some gold. Someone in a position to know how dirty Roland Burris is dies in a car accident. And then there's this:

Upstart Congress subpoenaed the Federal Reserve Bank.
The committee said it would "have a subpoena served on the Federal Reserve" as it tries to discover whether undue pressure was placed on Ken Lewis, chief executive of Bank of America, to complete an agreed deal to buy Merrill Lynch last year.

"We have received it," said the Fed. Cue the ominous silence.

One person familiar with the Fed's history could remember only one previous occasion in the past 20 years when it had been served with a subpoena. And then, suddenly, he couldn't remember it anymore.
Royal Canadian Mint misplaces gold. Or maybe not. Another atrocious example of spokespeople who suck at their jobs. Mint spokeswoman Christine Aquino said last week it could be anything from a heist to sloppy record-keeping.
And if that's how they take care of their gold, god save Canada. (Because the Queen can take care of her own gold.)

A troublemaker for (ahem) Senator Roland Burris dies in tragic - and convenient - car accident. The Sun-Times reports
"Ruff insisted that the only way to determine whether Burris lied about the circumstances of his appointment when appearing before an Illinois House impeachment panel was for prosecutors in Sangamon County and investigators overseeing a U.S. Senate ethics probe to zero in on [Burris’ business partner Fred] Lebed.

"There is more to be discovered," Ruff told the Sun-Times. "I know the key to finding the information out is through Fred. That's the main point I wish to get across.”

Very awkward.

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