Monday, July 06, 2009

7/06/2009 Sports Economics update/Baseball


And no, I'm not talking about the Cubs' sale.

Over the Fourth of July weekend it was reported that MLB is loaning millions of dollars to the Texas Rangers. Nolan Ryan is part of a group making an offer to purchase the team.
And because it's sports, the only way the Rangers can make any money is to win. Except, of course, they play in Arlington, TX. And we're not even into the Sahara-like days of July & August yet.

So let's wrap this up with a conspiracy theory on the All-Star Game: the Rangers' outfielder, Josh Hamilton, the Feel Good Story Of 2008, was on the DL for a good part of the first half this year. And yet, miraculously, he was voted by the fans to be a starter in the All-Star Game. By the same fans who don't go to games or watch them on TV or listen to them on radio.

Yeah, just like Evan Longoria of Tampa Bay was voted a starter by their non-existent fans last year.

What am I saying - internet voting can be rigged? Say it ain't so, Joe!