Saturday, October 03, 2009

The World Reacts (when pressed on it)

New York City: Chicago Mourns, New York Sympathizes
From the New York Times:
“I think it’s a shame,” said Andrew MacNair, 60, an architect who lives on Central Park West. “It’s the sister city. It’s the cowboy town. We’re the sail port.”
Not exactly sympathy.
[A] majority of New Yorkers supported this city’s Olympic bid, contrary to the perception that New Yorkers cared little for the Games. But Chicago seemed particularly taken with the notion of hosting the Games, at least in terms of publicly expressed enthusiasm.
Actually, Chicago never crossed 50% of public support. Cf. Silver Shovel, Shakman Decree, Parking Meters, Chicago Skyway, Midway Airport, Christopher Kelly, etc.

Milwaukee, WI - Chicago's Failed Olympic Bid Hurt Wisonsin Tourism
Then make the Brewers a winning team, and get over Bret Favre already.

Kansas City, MO - Chicago's Defeat Riles Critics of USOC
"James Ravannack, the president of USA Wrestling, said: 'Resignations. It’s an absolute embarrassment. … Where is the leadership?'"
After making that statement, Mr. Ravannack got Daley into a half-nelson.

Reuters - Obama Olympics Ouch!
“We recognize that we need to do more to make it easier for legitimate visa applicants to make it to the U.S. We understand we have an image problem about that process,” [State Dept Spokesman] Kelly said.
Yes, that's right: it was the federal travel visa to blame.

Toronto, CA - Rio de Janiero Could Boost Toronto's Pan-Am Bid
"[T]hat South America has bagged the biggest sporting prize for the first time gives Toronto a slight edge over competitors Bogota, Colombia, and Lima, Peru, for the Pan American Games."
Is it too late for Chicago to make their pitch?

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