Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pres. Obama: The smoother, smarter version of Bush Jr

I had hoped Obama wouldn't confirm my suspicions. And he has, in spades. (Too soon to pun? Okay.)

From Firedoglake:

"Edward Horgan, a well-known Irish activist and former Irish Defense Force officer, has had his 10-year, multiple-entry U.S. visa revoked without explanation. Horgan and others believe it is because of his principled stand against the U.S. use of renditions, and in particular, the use of Shannon Airport in western Ireland as a stopover for U.S. rendition flights. The Obama administration should be ashamed for its behavior in keeping Mr. Horgan from entering this country."

Obama's State Dept. pulled it on St. Patrick's Day. Those f*ckers have a sense of humor, don't they?

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