Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's talk geology of the Deepwater Horizon disaster

We've given it 2 months, now let's talk about the geology of this oil spill. Courtesy of the George Washington blog, reposted on Zero Hedge:

There are several topographical maps in the post, making the point that the Deepwater Horizon well is in a canyon. On a slope in a canyon, to be more precise.

And the area is tectonically active.

And landslides are a real risk.

Per Offshore Magazine, on 4/21/2010:
ZUG, Switzerland -- The semisubmersible drilling rig Deepwater Horizon has reported a fire onboard, says Transocean Ltd. The rig is in the Gulf of Mexico Mississippi Canyon block 252, 41 mi (66 km) offshore Louisiana.

Transocean reports its Emergency and Family Response teams, the US Coast Guard, and oeprator BP Exploration & Production Inc. are responding. The reports says "a substantial majority of the 126 member crew is safe but some crew members remain unaccounted for at this time."

Offshore has a running column on the Deepwater disaster: The 6/21/2010 covers efforts to boost recovery of escaping oil.

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