Friday, January 28, 2011

Charlotte Airport somewhat unclear on securing the premises

On November 19 2010 (week before Thanksgiving) an undercover TSA agent bribed a JetBlue agent in Charlotte NC to sneak a bag on board and assign it to a different passenger.  How much did it cost?  $100.  Life's cheap in the South.

This would be bad enough except the week prior to this Charlotte had another security misadventure.*  A North Mecklenburg HS student, Delvonte Tisdale, snuck onto the tarmac, climbed into the wheel well of an airplane, and then the mutilated body fell to the earth when the plane prepared to land in Boston.  Guess that high school kid was smart enough to outwit TSA (sure, that's setting the bar pretty low), but failed to account for the fact he'd freeze to death at 35,000 feet.

*I say misadventure, you say breach.  Law enforcement also says breach.

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