Monday, January 24, 2011

Left one thing off the to-do list

Picture it:  Rahm Emanuel at a table with his campaign advisors, going over the To-Do List.
Election Hearing?  Check.
Circuit Court?  Check.
Burt Odelson?  Ah, who cares about that guy - he's done.
Well, to be sure we should send someone to talk to the Appellate Court.
Rahm, Rahm Rahm - it's in the bag!

Cut to Monday, 24 January 2011.
“We ... order that the candidate’s name be excluded (or if, necessary, be removed) from the ballot,” Judge Thomas Hoffman wrote in the opinion upholding the requirement under the state’s municipal code that candidates for mayor in Illinois must have “resided in” the town where they are running for a year before Election Day — in this case Feb. 22. Hoffman was joined by Justice Shelvin Marie Louise Hall.  [Sun-Times]
Rahm Emanuel's unofficial reaction:  What the !  Who's the who told me it was in the bag?!?!  Somebody's going to be !

The FT reports

The Illinois appellate court determined that Mr Emanuel did not fulfil the one-year residency requirement for mayoral hopefuls since he moved to Washington in January 2009 to become President Barack Obama’s chief of staff and lived there until last October. Monday’s decision came just a week before early voting in the race is due to begin January 31. 
Ha HA, you lousy slack-jawed rat!
And FT goes on to say:
Mr Odelson, who was a member of George W. Bush’s legal team in the Florida recount effort during the 2000 presidential election, argued that Mr Emanuel was ineligible, since he has been living in Washington and his house in Chicago had been rented out. Mr Emanuel’s lawyers countered that he always considered Chicago home and was exempt from the residency rule since he was in Washington on the business of the nation.
 Once again, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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