Sunday, January 09, 2011

No, really, you're different from the others

Piggybacking on a Der Spiegel report, Reuters had this Saturday 8 January 2011:
"BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany and France want Portugal to accept an international bailout as soon as possible in order to prevent its debt crisis spreading to other countries, German magazine Der Spiegel reported on Saturday."

That might mean something if they were saying it for the first time.  To the way-back machine!

Greek debt crisis spreading 'like Ebola' and Europe must act now, OECD warns

"The Greek debt crisis is spreading “like Ebola” and Europe must act now to  protect the stability the financial markets, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. "

On to Reuters, 16 November 2010:

"Ireland's Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said on Tuesday it would welcome help in fixing the problems in its banking system but financial assistance to the country is not inevitable.

Euro zone ministers have agreed to send a joint European-IMF mission to Ireland that could prepare the way for a bailout to prevent its debt crisis spreading to other countries."

Debt Crisis Spreading to the Heart of Europe as Belgium Bond Yields Surge

"Europe’s sovereign crisis is spreading to the heart of the 16-nation bloc as investors question Belgium’s ability to cut the euro region’s third- highest debt load, overshadowing its economic performance.  

The Italian spread climbed to a euro-era high of 186 basis points. 

The European Union’s 85 billion-euro ($111 billion) rescue package for Ireland has failed to quell market turmoil as investors shift their focus from peripheral states[.]"

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