Saturday, February 19, 2011

Event Horizon in Libya & Bahrain?

It's been said many times over the past 2.5 years, but things are accelerating to an alarming degree.  Take, for instance, the past 96 hours.  Wednesday I have an outpatient procedure which took me out of the news loop effectively until today.

So today I had to get caught up on:
A)  The Wisconsin 14 hiding out in Illinois.  As if WE are the beacon in the darkness.
B) Ray McGovern gets roughed up while silently protesting a speech by Sec. Hillary Clinton.  Naturally, this occurred while she lauded the merits of peaceful protest.
C) Protesters in Bahrain and Libya mowed down by police state agents.  Zero Hedge links to a Libyan boy killed by a sniper.

Not to forget where the causes of this ramp-up in revolution is coming from (read:  hyperinflationary food prices that will be coming to the United States soon) the insolvent Irish banks are issuing Euro-denominated bonds to themselves.  Yes, they are printing money, Virginia.

Very quietly, the Icelanders are bouncing back and arresting the banksters.  Those facts are related.

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