Saturday, May 07, 2011

The CIA coup prior to JFK's assassination

Try this on for size:
May 1 1960 Gary Powers crashed in his U2 near Sverdlovsk, 1200 miles inside Russian territory.
 It was reported that the Russians shot the plane down, but photographs show no such damage. Fletcher Prouty writes in "The Secret Team" that the plane did not get its full allotment of hydrogen, necessary to power the engines at 60,000 feet. It stalled and forced Powers to land within Russian territory.
Why? Well, let's take a look at what happened in the wake of the U2 incident.
Eisenhower's long-planned Peace Summit, scheduled for May 16 1960, was scuttled.
How handy for the military industrial complex that Powers' U2 crashed/shot down two weeks prior to the summit.
The summit was designed to bring Eisenhower, MacMillan, DeGaulle, and Kruschev together to, among other things, end nuclear testing, put a cap on nuclear weapons, and erase the Iron Curtain.
Kruschev offered Eisenhower a way out - saying a rogue action by a US agency or department would not adversely impact the Summit. Apparently Eisenhower weighed his options and decided he couldn't admit that and took public blame for the U2 flights.
Learning this story leads one to Eisenhower's warning against the military industrial complex in his farewell seech.  No one ever speculates why the warning was made. Until now, I've only wondered if he was so damn worried about it, why didn't he do something during his two terms. Now I think I know why.
So this changes the timeline when the Washington fell to an intelligence coup - not JFK's assassination but May 1960.
Well, well, well.