Saturday, August 06, 2011

The chips are falling

A casual trip through Zero Hedge alerted me to the fact that Germany won't commit 133% of their GDP to save Italy, let alone Spain. 
So, I reacted the way I usually react:  find the supporting articles from mainstream publications and throw the links up on Facebook with semi-snarky commentary.

Here are the three (3) I threw up in quick succession Saturday afternoon.

My comment: The New Zealand Stock Exchange opens 8am Monday, 3:00pm Sunday Chicago time.

My comment: This man is lying: Francois Baroin, France's finance minister, who would chair such a meeting under the French presidency of the G7 and G20, said in a radio interview it was too early to say whether there would be an early G7 meeting.

And finally, this:
My comment: "Mr Trichet said mounting speculation that Italy would be unable to pay its share of the second Greek bailout package was ridiculous." There is nothing ridiculous about bankrupt countries bailing out other bankrupt countries. *The U.S. through the IMF is also bailing out European countries.

Game on!

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