Thursday, September 08, 2011

9/08/2011 Round-up on Sun-Times columnists

Lynn Sweet's column in the paper is headlined "The tax break you don't know you have."

From the article:
No one I’ve asked over the past few months can tell me the amount of cash Obama has put in their pocket. And it’s clear the people I’ve been chatting with — friend and foe of Obama — had no idea they were getting a tax break. Maybe it’s a result of so much direct deposit that people don’t study pay stubs anymore or a matter of financial literacy or confusing messaging from the White House.

The online version changed the headline to "Obama's jobs speech to pitch extension of payroll tax cut." Maybe that's because someone pointed to her that at the same time the payroll tax was cut by 2% Illinois jacked the income tax 2% so no, Lynn, there was no change in our paychecks.

Oddly, I couldn't retrieve Roeder's column today, "Markets Hop on Hope." He attributes yesterday's market to the announcement that Obama will announce a proposal for a jobs package. Not one word on the German court capitulating on the bail-outs.

From the 9/07/2011 Sun-Times:  Cops Crack Down On Phony Sick Leave
Chicago cops have a generous medical-leave policy. Under their contract, they’re allowed 365 days of sick leave every two years.
Ich bin ein Scmuck.

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