Thursday, September 29, 2011

Occupy Chicago, aka Occupy LaSalle Street

Here’s what I’m doing to help Occupy Chicago:

I work in the Chicago Federal Reserve building but I do not work for the Fed, and Occupy Chicago is camped out right in front on LaSalle Street.

I make a point to encourage and talk to as many protesters when I enter and leave the building. I then immediately engage in a little small talk with Fed (armed) security, to drive home the point that I support these guys. I also prominently wear my Fed building ID and company ID (and if they want to think I’m with the REUTERS news arm of the company, so much the better).

Taking a page from Michael Rivero's book, I have pizzas delivered to the protesters. I hope they like Giordano’s because they’re a block down the street.

I printed up 10 copies of A) ACLU’s “Know Your Rights: Photographers”, B) ACLU’s “You Have Every Right To Photograph A Cop”, and C)’s article on the Illinois State Court throwing out the charges against Michael Allison and distributed to the campers.  It's one thing to know your rights, it's another to show them in writing to law enforcement.

I also use chalk to write slogans throughout Chicago’s financial district. My current favorite is Vichy Chicago, but friends keep telling me it could be misinterpreted as “Viva Chicago.”

Chicago’s Fed is at LaSalle and Jackson, across the street from Bank of America (in the old Continental Bank of Illinois – how apropos) and the Chicago Board of Trade/Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It really is Chicago’s Ground Zero.

I’ll be there on Sunday, 2 October 2011, and if I get any great footage I’ll post it.

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