Friday, January 04, 2013

Views of a Chicagoan on gun control

I've let some people down, when much to their surprise they discovered I am against gun control.  It belatedly occurs to me that I should provide background on my position.  (Not trying to change anyone's pro-gun control position; this is purely background material on my position.)

Living on the front lines of extreme gun control, aka Chicago, has shown Chicagoans that gun control legislation results in only criminals and cops with guns.  And you'll see from recent reports I recount below that the two groups are more similar than not.
*Note: All reports are from December 2012 and January 2013.

Chicago is currently dealing with its own horrific version of a Newtown-type tragedy, and personally I think ours is WORSE.  On December 29 (Saturday) Nathaniel Beller doused his two kids, their mother, and the apartment with accelerant and set them all on fire.  The mother died, then Nathaniel died, then his daughter.  His son is still alive, struggling to survive 3rd degree burns on 35% of his body.

The press and public are not baying for an accelerant ban.

The press is reporting, however, that the Cook County State's Attorney office had a chance to charge Beller in September 2012 for threatening to SET HIS KIDS ON FIRE and passed on it.  He even had the bathtub filled with gasoline.

These are not the people I would outsource my self-defense to.

The comments in that Sun-Times story refer to the same crack Cook County State's Attorney office role in the Koschman case, where a Daley nephew accidentally killed a young man in 2004 and then both CPD and the State's Attorney office conspired to cover it up.  The Sun-Times exposed it in 2011 - conveniently after Mayor Daley left office.

Then there's the civil suit the CPD lost in 2012 where they were found guilty of "having a code of silence" in the case of off-duty Officer Abbate, who kicked the shit out of female bartender who asked him to leave.  The code-of-silence description particularly rankles me - if you or I engaged in this behavior they'd throw the RICO act at us.

And to wrap up this post, there is the ongoing shame regarding CPD Commander Jon Burge, who tortured dozens, if not hundreds, of black suspects in the 1970s and 1980s.  And again, with a then-State's Attorney Rich Daley riding shotgun, so to speak.  CPD "lost" or destroyed untold amounts of records to protect the department.  Then they tried to stall to get past the statute of limitations and almost made it.

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