Friday, July 04, 2014

The last thing anyone should do is read up on the causes of the American Revolution

That is, the last thing the U.S. Federal Government wants is citizens of its own country or erstwhile allies reading up on the causes of the American Revolution.  Or French Revolution, which is celebrated 10 days later on 14 July.  Bastille Day.

But today is Independence Day.  Usually referred to as The Fourth of July.  It works out better for the movers and shakers that way, as the Fourth of July brings to mind a day off with fireworks and cookouts.  It does NOT bring to mind a bunch of people agitating for their rights against an empire, with those grievances listed eloquently by many writers, in many publications.

In a bit of serendipity, I began reading Jeff Shaara's Rise To Rebellion a few days ago.  It turned out to be a great reading choice on Independence Day.

However, 2 founders have minor roles in this book when they should be primaries:  Sam Adams and Patrick Henry.  So why is it that some founders are more equal than others?  Why John Adams over Sam Adams? Why James Madison over Patrick Henry?  Why Alexander Hamilton over Henry Lee?  Why is the Sons of Liberty groups so little noted?

Is it because those men who fought for liberty, for independence, and moved 13 colonies to do the same, also were against a strong central government?  Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry opposed the Constitutional Convention scrapping the Articles of Confederation and replacing it with the Constitution.  The Anti-Federalists don't get a lot of play either.

If one were to use Independence Day as a jump-off point to remind themselves of what it's all about, try starting with Benjamin Franklin's Rules By Which A Large Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One (11 September 1773).

Up the Republic!

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