Sunday, September 21, 2014

Faux outrage over the court of public opinion

So some hand-wringing is occurring since the outbreak of the NFL's woes over the court of public opinion.  That is, they don't want the NFL to make decisions in reaction to public outrage.

To recap, the outrage is over certain NFL personnel who beat their wives in public, physically abuse their children.

I heard 2 such individuals on a show this past Friday doing this very thing.  They would preface their remarks with "it's terrible what these people did BUT the NFL shouldn't allow the public to push them into doing something."

To which I would like to point out 4 things.
1)  Anyone decrying the court of public opinion on the radio is patently unaware of where they are speaking their opinions at best.  At worst, they're hypocritical idiots.  After all, they're airing their opinions publicly, in reaction, hoping to sway positions.

2)  The NFL's anti-trust exemption is due to their classification as entertainment.  If the public grows sickened by how this corporation does business, said corporation can choose to ignore its customers, try to persuade customers it is behaving correctly, or the corporation changes its behavior.

3)  People are not entitled to jobs.  I wonder how many of those hand-wringers have the affected players on their fantasy teams?  The hand-wringers also put up the false argument that if you, the average Joe, were to strike your wife would your company fire YOU?  Well, if you were to strike your spouse and get charged and your job and company relied heavily on reputation - then yes, you very likely would get terminated.
And lawyers in at-will states will point out that you most likely would get fired without cause being given (that insulates them for legal repercussions).

4)  If the hand-wringers would step away from the NFL and spend some time on other issues, they'd find the people get worked up over injustice all the time.  For example, a SWAT team invaded a home in Georgia and threw a flash grenade into a baby's crib.  The baby is critically injured.  The SWAT team used bad information for the warrant - they did not have just cause to be in that home.  And to add (financial) insult to (grievous) injury, the county refuses to cover the costs of the baby's medical care.  People are outraged over THIS and making noise about it.  What say the hand-wringers on this?

5)  And an extra point.  A lot of horrible things have happened on the color of law.  Slavery.  Genocide.  War.  Public outrage got some of these things changed.

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