Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Moving from passive boycott/resistance to active boycott/resistance

It's been a bad month for the NFL.

As someone who walked away from NFL games years ago, and gave up on NCAA football in the last few years (and was never interested in high school football), I don't give football my time or money.

But now it's time to hit the next gear.  Namely, don't patronize businesses that use NFL/NCAA to draw customers - like bars.  Whaaaa - give up the corner bar?  Surprisingly enough, there are bars that do not run sports 24/7.  Granted, there are not many of them and you'll have to look for them but they're out there.

Another target:  "official" sponsors of the NFL and NCAA.  The NFL site helpfully lists their official sponsors here.  The list includes Microsoft - ugh.  And Procter & Gamble's "Cover Girl" line.  That makes me want to see a current breakdown of demographics of NFL/NCAA fans.

I wish I could say the boycott idea came to me on its own.  It didn't.  I heard this morning that Radisson is suspending their sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings in the wake of Adrian Peterson's reinstatement.

And I thought - of course!  I shouldn't be supporting businesses that support NFL/NCAA!  Egads!

The San Diego Union-Times maintains a database of NFL players Arrest Database (since 2000).  It's a good start, but at the time of this writing doesn't include Vikings' Adrian Peterson for child abuse.

The Daily Beast runs down the current players that are causing problems for the NFL:  The NFL Is Full of Ray Rices.

Let the boycotts begin!

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