Sunday, March 29, 2015

Waiting on that 4th for the Final Four

Damn those Kansas Jayhawks.  That's what made me get 7 instead of 8 in the Elite 8.
And then Arizona - Arizona! - lost to Wisconsin again for a Final 4 slot.  At the time of this writing the best I can do is go 3 out of 4.

Do I despair of winning the pool?  Yes, I did begin despairing.  And then I spied Yahoo's Results Generator.

And here's what I found:  If the final 2 are Kentucky-MSU, and Kentucky wins - I win.  Doesn't matter who wins the Duke-Gonzaga game is if my final 2 are correct.

If the final two are anything other than Kentucky-MSU, I lose.
However, if the final 2 are Calipari v Izzo, it doesn't matter who wins - I win.

2:26 left Gonzaga 51 Duke 60.
1:30 left Gonzaga 52, Duke 60
0:56.4 Gonzaga fouled Duke - Duke gets both free throws.  Gonzaga 52 Duke 64
0:45 left Gonzaga 52, Duke 66
FINAL Gonzaga 52, Duke 66

And now I can state I have 3 of the Final 4.

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