Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wretched is the word

Fatigue. Night sweats. Hot flashes. Sweating. Early awakening. Insomnia. Irregular periods. Anxiety. Dry skin. Irritability. Moodiness. Reduced sex drive.

Menopause. Per the Mayo Clinic it is usually self-diagnosable.
Yes. It certainly is.

I'm going through a phase where extreme fatigue overwhelms me mid-morning, lasting 1-2 hours.
Regrettably, it happens to be working hours so I have new gratitude for high cubicle walls.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, taken from Mayo Clinic, there is also:
Heightened sensitivity to sounds.
Heightened sensitivity to smells.
Heightened sensitivity to tactile sensations (e.g. wool feels rougher).
Mental fogginess.
Broken attention span.

I find there is no food that alleviates symptoms but there are plenty that aggravate the condition.
Processed food.

Food that is neutral:
Caffeinated coffee and tea.
Good cuts of meat.

eMedicine answers some FAQs on menopause.
Average age? US women = 51.
I started at 48.

Most common age range women experience menopause?
48 - 55

The web site 34-menopause-symptoms reminds me of other problems I'm coping with:
Changes in body odor
Brittle nails. ***my nails break often***
Memory lapses
Difficulty concentrating
Weight gain ***I've never eaten healthier in my life and the best I can do is hold steady at 200 lbs.***
Headaches. ***My migraines have decreased in frequency and intensity but I get more headaches.***
Itchy skin.

And then something reminded me of Mr. Boffo and I spent the last 15 minutes reading Mr Boffo comic strips.