Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Fight to the Death, or, 10 Days to Election

Friday afternoon the corporate press reported that the FBI reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server due to things found in a separate investigation. It was quickly learned the separate investigation was regarding former Congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting underage girls.

Weiner is married albeit estranged to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's personal aide and vice chairwoman of the presidential campaign.

The New York Post's front page from Saturday, 29 October 2016.

The Clinton Campaign has taken the overt action of calling for a "release of the full and complete facts" (NBC).

The covert actions are probably fascinating maneuvering but alas unknown because of the aforementioned covertness.

I think Clinton & Co know they have to take the Presidency or die trying because a Trump administration would go after them like Stalin after Trotsky.

And Trump knows every federal agency will be tasked with destroying him once the transition from Obama to Clinton is a done deal.

And Obama? What's his plan? A pardon? A blanket pardon? A preemptive pardon? A private conversation with AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey?

Illinois has been written off as Clinton's state. Do I vote my traditional 3rd party, or vote for Trump - who for all intents and purposes is 3rd party?

That decision is not the important one.
The crucial action is filing the FOIA requests for the 9th Illinois Congressional District, where I reside, to compare the raw ballot counts against the official results.
And I have to do it Wednesday, 9 November 2016.

Illinois Board of Election - Election results

Illinois Board of Elections FOIA Officer Heather Kimmons
To file a FOIA request email her at

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