Saturday, January 14, 2017

No, that won't work at all

Catching up on this week's Financial Times and the tangents it puts me on.

What is the etymology of but?

The Financial Times has run several articles this past week on former MI-6 Christopher Steele's dossier on Donald Trump.

In most of them they mention, towards the end, that the dossier's contents were shared with journos at a number of publications including the Financial Times.

And the FT couldn't corroborate any of the claims.
Gaius Publius writes how there are at least 5 state actors involved in influencing the 2016 US election:
So who again tried to tilt the field for or against Clinton or Trump? Including Russia, the administration, Comey, agents of the FBI and NY police, the CIA and national security forces, I count five groups.
And points out the Democrats are assisting the Deep State in attempting to overthrow Trump.
But when FBI Director Comey was forced to "investigate" Clinton's secret emails the Dems decried his interference. They did not decry the Obama Administration's interference when he campaigned on behalf of Clinton. They also did not decry Bill Clinton waylaying AG Lynch on a Phoenix airport tarmac.

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