Friday, February 24, 2017

Exposed. To short sellers.

Tiptoeing through today's Financial Times

Look who got a shout-out - as a broker!

Words to live by

Martin Wolf on [UK] government intervention in tertiary education

Anjana Ahuja on life outside the solar system, or lack of it
Or, a failure of imagination on homo sapiens end. Make that homo sapiens rhododendron. See also homo sapiens rhodesiensis.

Sometimes the Church of England gets it right, or at least the Bishop of Peterborough

So, three paychecks then?

Continuing along the Pacific Rim: Abe drawn into Japan school land scandal
Way to set the bar high, Japan.
But there's more. 
Or, Prof Honda, Abe was bluffing.

And there's an obituary, for the dearly departed Kenneth Arrow.

Not just Hollywood. Family connections pay off in economics too. Sure, why not.
But Arrow also contributed pithy aphorisms.

I agree. Society's preferences are incoherent.

More from the International section
Stand-off delays state rescue of Italian bank
Surprisingly no mention that the delay is due to Rome being broke. And also not sure how broke it is. Or finding anyone willing to cash a 3rd party out-of-state check.

Catalonia doubts number is up for secession vote
Madrid considers invoking Article 155. Meanwhile, in another part of the house Great Britain is about to invoke Article 50.
All Brussels wants to hear from London: No quiero vivir sin ti. But Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are yelling from the top of stairs: callate la boca! Lagate! Y vete al diablo.
Brussels is not amused.