Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Where in the world did Macron come from?

I don't know how he and his party were created, supported, and elected but there's a story there.
Note: how to pronounce Macron: ma-KRON.

A brief history of Macron's climb to the top of the greasy pole, courtesy of Reuters:

2010: Macron joins Socialist Hollande's entourage.

2012-05-15: Macron named deputy secretary general of Elysee by Hollande. In charge of economic affairs he is Hollande's envoy to G8, G20, and European summits.

2014-06-10: Macron resigns as Hollande's top economic policy advisor.

2014-08-26: Hollande sacks Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg, replaced by Macron.

2015-08-28: Macron goes on the record criticizing France's 35-hour week.

2016-02-11: Premier Valls reshuffles gov't, Macron demoted 2 spaces in cabinet.

2016-04-06: Macron launches "En Marche!" in Amiens (his hometown).

2016-05-28: Macron begins his national campaign.

2016-08-30: Macron resigns from Hollande's government.

2016 Sept: Sources tell Reuters that Macron wants to field candidates in all 577 constituencies for 2017 election.

2016-11-16: Macron officially declares bid for presidency.

2016-11-27: Former PM Fillon wins conservative presidential ticket.

2016-12-01: Hollande announces he will not seek reelection.

2017-01-24: Fillon accused of fake jobs allegations in Le Canard Enchaine.

2017-01-29: Benoit Hamon wins Socialist primaries, Valls eliminated.

2017-04-23: Macron and Le Pen win 1st round of voting for president.

2017-05-05: Friday night thousands of documents were released online targeting Macron, at the beginning of France's blackout period. (See Business Insider for details on leak.)

2017-05-07: Macron wins election, per Reuters "to sighs of relief in Europe."

2017-06-18: En March! wins absolute majority in French parliamentary elections.
Parties supporting Macron will hold 350 of 577 seats in parliament.
Les Republicans and allies will have 137 seats.
Socialist Party reduced to 44.
Communist Party and Unbowed (the far left parties) will have 27.
National Front will have 8 (including Marine Le Pen, elected to French Parliament for 1st time).

2017-06-20: Two ministers quit French government as reshuffle looms. (Reuters)
Armed Forces Minister Sylvie Goulard quit because of an investigation into her center-right Modem party's affairs in European Parliament.
Minister for Territorial Planning, Richard Ferrand, left on Monday, 19 June 2017, who is facing a different judicial probe.

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