Friday, October 13, 2017

My questions on October 13, 2017

It's alleged that Russian advertising on social media platforms turned the election for Trump.
The Democratic Party refers to the above as Russian hacking.

Q: What, precisely, did the this amorphous group of Russians do to impact the 2016 election?
Q: How do you know it was Russians?
Q: How did their actions impact vote totals?
Q: Which states were the focus?
Q: If it was the "Russians" and they did it by "advertising", then why was their advertising better than Clinton and the DNC's?
Q: Why didn't Clinton and the DNC's advertising work?
Q: Which group(s) were targeted by the "Russian" advertising?
Q: Proctor & Gamble cut $100mn from digital advertising with zero impact to sales growth. How come the "Russians" are better at digital advertising than P&G?
Q: What foreign agents acted on Clinton and the DNC's behalf during the 2016 election?
Q: How many foreign agents supported Clinton's candidacy?
Q: How effective were their efforts in social media?
Q: How were votes affected by "Russian" advertising quantified?
Q: Who successfully reproduced the vote counts using the methodology?

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