Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Yesterday, you remember yesterday don't you?

Yesterday I took the bus downtown for my annual checkup.
As my stop was approaching I started getting ready to get off the bus, when I discovered I had a giant wet spot on my left thigh.
Where did the water come from? It was water, wasn't it? Please let it be water!
It didn't appear to come from my shoulder bag.
Was it when I put the pan in the sink to soak? Could I have splashed that much water?

Then I reach for my hair clip and find half of the clip has broken away. What! When did that happen? How did it happen?

At my checkup I found out I was doing the exact wrong thing for my dry skin. For future reference: do not apply retinol (aka Vitamin A). It DRIES out your skin. Vaseline is better.

Today I rode the train downtown and during the ride I felt water on my leg. I had a large wet spot on my right thigh. What!
This time I found the culprit: I hadn't closed my water bottle tightly and it had been leaking straight through the shoulder bag onto my leg. There wasn't much water in the bag, and nothing in the bag looked impacted.

Two days in row. Two. That I failed to close the water bottle tightly enough.

I had a normal reaction. The water bottle, about 60% full, was tossed - water and all - at the Jackson stop.

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